Bulma by wizdomkube (Medium)
Bulma Briefs As She Appears Bulma Has Long Wavy Darker Turquoise Teal Hair Bulma Was Light Pale Tan Skinned Bulma Has Darker Turquoise Teal Eyebrows Bulma Has Black Eyelids Bulma Wore White Lenses With Dark Blue Eyes And Black Irises With Black Squiggy Lines Underneath The Eyes Bulma Has An Black < Shaped Nose And An Black Mouth Bulma Wore Hot Pink Lipstick Bulma Wore An Dark Red Bra Tied Up At The Bottom Showing Her Huge Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Boobs Sticking Up From Her Dark Red Bra And Out Of Her Dark Red Bra And Light Pale Tan Pear Curved Shaped Black Outlined Stomach With An Black Downward Lined Belly Button And An Line On Her Stomach Bulma Wore An White Thong Bulma Wore Long Dark Navy Blue Jeans Showing Her White Thong And Huge Light Pale Pear Curved Shaped Black Outlined Hips Bulma Wore Black Shoes Bulma Has Long Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Arms And Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Hands And Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Fingers Bulma Wore Dark Red Pierced Earrings

Bulma's BiographyEdit

Bulma Briefs's Family Bulma Briefs, Bulla Briefs, Elizabeth Briefs, Emma Briefs, Emily Briefs, Patricia Briefs, Melissa Briefs, Molly Briefs, Angelique Briefs, Andrea Briefs, Cassie Briefs And Stephanie Briefs Yvonne Briefs's Family Yvonne Briefs, Esther Briefs, Felicia Briefs, Alicia Briefs And Mariah Briefs Rochelle Briefs's Family Rochelle Briefs, Vanessa Briefs, Susanna Briefs, Bethany Briefs, Rayna Briefs, Lilly Briefs And Rachael Briefs Morgan Briefs's Family Morgan Briefs, Lorelei Briefs, Lizzie Briefs, Mandy Briefs, Jessica Briefs, Katie Briefs And Tanya Briefs

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